Book Reviews

Population 10 Billion: The Coming Demographic Crisis and How To Survive It, by Professor Danny Dorling

Reviewed by Russell McLean, 29 April 2016.

Danny Dorling’s Population 10 Billion divides mankind’s history into chapters based on global population, talking us through the major events that now sees almost 8,000,000 souls walk the planet. A fascinating walk through history explains how agriculture, war, disease and education have caused rapid increases and decreases through time. Dorling emphasises that our current growth, though massive, is an anomaly in human history and, surprisingly, goes against the doomsayers to predict our planet will never host as many as 10 billion.

Although Dorling is hesitant to make specific predictions such as flying cars, the importance of enviromental change,  international cooperation, immmigration, integration and fair economic systems became all the clearer for the journey into the future, whatever that may look like, ultimately arguing that the size of the planet’s population matters far less than our actions.

This was an incredibly enjoyable book that truly did change my perception of the future, and more importantly, how we get there.